"BestSellers". Book covers by Hugleikur Dagsson.

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robots, man

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"We just have to eliminate the princess, right? Then why don't you tell me which one of them is Princess Vivi!"

Your Princess is on another duck =P

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Garden of Words AMV

No techno music, no crazy flashy effects. Just solid editing and fitting music. An AMV that fits the anime well

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Original demo of Beat It created by Jackson, using only his voice for all the parts.

As Jackson couldn’t fluently play any instruments, he would sing and beatbox out how he wanted his songs to sound by himself on tape, layering the vocals, harmonies and rhythm before having instrumentalists come in to complete the songs.

One of his engineers Robmix on how Jackson worked: “One morning MJ came in with a new song he had written overnight. We called in a guitar player, and Michael sang every note of every chord to him. “here’s the first chord first note, second note, third note. Here’s the second chord first note, second note, third note”, etc., etc. We then witnessed him giving the most heartfelt and profound vocal performance, live in the control room through an SM57. He would sing us an entire string arrangement, every part. Steve Porcaro once told me he witnessed MJ doing that with the string section in the room. Had it all in his head, harmony and everything. Not just little eight bar loop ideas. he would actually sing the entire arrangement into a micro-cassette recorder complete with stops and fills.

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Boxer of Quirinal - A Hellenistic Greek sculpture dated to around 330 b.c.

It’s a sculpture of a defeated boxer, complete with caestus, or leather handwraps, still wrapped around his fists. Look at the cauliflower ear, the cuts, and the swollen face. It’s straight out of the latest pay-per-view but this was created more than 2,300 years ago. 

This is divine. 

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